Business Services

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Commercial Voice Services

Mobile Convergence

Apps on iOS, Android, Windows and OSX allow commercial customers to extend their business communications platform whether hosted, SIP or traditional to any device connected to the Internet!!

Hosted Voice

Allows companies to gain the features of a large expensive phone system without having to install or maintain one.

SIP Trunking

A new and efficient way to connect your phone system to the public telephone network using an IP-based network. Via network consolidation, enterprise customers can save a substantial amount of upfront capital and monthly recurring costs.

Traditional Services

This includes services such as ISDN PRI and analog B1 lines. Our traditional services are enhanced with the integration of newer features allowing customers to continue leveraging their investment in legacy infrastructure while increasing productivity and capability

High Speed Internet Access


Fiber-based services up to 1gbps, available in 15+ HDT on-net buildings.

Fixed Wireless

For customers in hard-to-reach areas or where their requirements for capacity exceed what wireline can deliver, we provide Ethernet based services up to 1gbps with path redundancy.


Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is a solution for customers who need a cost-effective, high-speed symmetrical Internet connection.

Data Networking and Computing

MPLS Carrier Ethernet Services

For customers that require more advanced data networking services, we offer best-in-class networking solutions based on Cisco networking platforms. These services include MPLS VPN, VPLS, and TDM over Ethernet and other related services.

Managed Security

A systematic approach to managing an organization’s security needs including firewall, content filtering, spam filtering and many other security features. We provide both hosted Fortinet or Palo Alto Networks security solutions that can fit any application.

Co-location Services

Lease dedicated space to host your physical servers, routers and other computing hardware housed in either of two HDT facilities. Guarantee your business 24x7x365 operational availability, enhanced security and reduced IT infrastructure costs. HDT co-location products include 120 Volt/20 amp power with one primary and one redundant power circuit.

Cloud Services

Virtual Machines, Smart Servers or BareMetal running on the latest generation Cisco UCS (M4) or HP Proliant (G8) blade servers. Bundle your cloud compute resources with our network transport and save on floor space, electrical and cooling .

Managed Wifi

HDT provides Ruckus Wireless controller-based Wifi solutions which include top-end 802.11ac access points and the latest management capabilities.





MDU, Campus & Community

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With our HIPERFIBER fiber-to-the-home service HDT customers experience Hawaii’s fastest residential Internet with speeds up to 1gbps. The bundle includes phone service, unlimited domestic long distance and many features, such as caller ID, voice mail and call forwarding.  HDT voice and Internet services are also available for individual purchase.


HDT Air leverages our infrastructure as a service solution model to provide complete, turnkey wireless networking for campus and community environments. HDT Air encompasses the design, provisioning, installation and on-going management, maintenance and backhaul of the wireless network.  Check out one of our signature HDT Air projects located in Kaka’ako “”.








Wholesale / Reseller

“If the amount of change on the outside exceeds the amount of change on the inside...your end is near” - Jack Welch

HDT wholesale services are targeted at communications operators such as CLECs, MSOs and ISPs seeking to cost effectively add Internet and VoIP products to their portfolio. Our wholesale services successfully integrate into existing operational and administrative systems.

Our wholesale product suite includes a complete range of telephony features, a nationwide footprint, FCC-compliant E911, conferencing, training and other support features. The core VoIP application services are sold on a ‘per seat’ basis, with term commitments. Additional services are available a la carte including voice origination and termination services with E911 and toll-free, audio/web conferencing, CPE procurement, field services, and more.

Whether you are seeking to add new customers, generate incremental revenue streams from existing customers or improve customer retention, our wholesale service can help you profitably achieve your goals.

HDT’s private label services are designed for organizations such as VARs, ASPs, ISPs, SAAS providers, system integrators, and those that prefer to focus on selling services rather than managing the operational details of the service delivery model. The easy-to-rebrand solution is sold on a per seat or service basis with prices dependent on services, volume and term.

At the heart of the product suite are telephony packages targeted at different business end-users including executives, remote workers, sales personnel and receptionists. These packages can be utilized by channel partners to create bundles appropriate for your own select target markets, whether offering hosted solutions, trunk-based solutions or both.

Private label features include:

  • Predefined service packaging
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Local telephone numbers in over 6,600 rate centers
  • Local number portability (LNP)
  • FCC-compliant E911
  • Tier 1.5 through 3 support
  • Marketing and training support – including access to an online channel partner resource center
  • Branded end-user billing and rating services
  • Branded end-user device and network monitoring
  • Fax over IP with T.38 support
  • Fax-to-Mail services

Optional add-on services include:

  • Customer premise equipment (CPE)
  • Truck roll / field services
  • Toll-free services
  • Audio and web conferencing
  • Customer portal training manuals and videos








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About Us

"Plans are nothing; planning is everything" - Dwight D Eisenhower

Corporate Overview

Hawaii Dialogix Telecom (HDT) is a privately held internet service provider and licensed facilities-based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Services are provided on HDT-owned network infrastructure, which includes dedicated Internet access, private networking and data transport services, local and long distance voice as well as bundled voice and Internet solutions.

We provide service to all sizes of business customers from your corner restaurant to Hawaii’s largest corporations.   We also provide bulk service arrangements to large, multi-tenant commercial and residential high-rise buildings, complexes and communities.  Additionally, we work with resellers who want to deliver a highly effective and comprehensive service offering to their customers.

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